There are moments when our precious/adorable children drive us crazy.  The noise level is ratcheting up and we want to run out the door or scream or both! It often happens when we are stressed, in a hurry to get out the door, or just trying to get food on the table for them.


Here is a question to ask yourself or your child if they are old enough and self-aware enough: “What do you need?” It may be something physical such as food, sleep, affection, or some kind of attention to what they are doing.


I remember more than once being in conversation with someone when my toddler son would put his two little hands on my face and turn it towards him.  He was not subtle in asking for my full attention!


A great gift we give to our children is ourselves, fully present. This means we are paying attention to them, understanding their needs and desires. It takes focus and determination at times.  We have to decide to step into the present with our children, when so many other things are calling for our attention. We have to turn off the game or put down the phone, tablet, book, or whatever is taking our attention and focus on them.


It is impossible for us to be 100 percent present to our children, just as it is impossible to keep them completely safe from all suffering and harm.  Yet, as we become more aware of their need for our presence, we can practice giving them more of our full attention. This is an aspect of love, choosing to be present to those we love.  Our positive, caring attention helps our child know she or he is loved.  A child who is aware of being loved grows into a person who can love others. It is amazing how small acts of love and kindness have a great rippling effect on many lives.


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