Parenting is Like…

Parenting is like the farmer in this poem I published on my other blog:


The Farmer’s Life


The farmer’s life is one of great patience.

Sowing seeds does not result in instantaneous miracles.

Although, when the first seeds sprout and break through the ground

It certainly feels like one, (which of course it is).

We just do not get to see what has been going on,

Microscopically, beneath the surface of the earth.


Sow people!  Beloved ones!

What do you want to see more of in your lives?

Don’t be surprised at the fiery ordeals that come your way.

They expose the unwanted seeds of destruction.

Instead, cooperate with the fire and let it burn away

Focus on the good seed at hand:

Love, joy, peace, kindness, wisdom, patience and

All the good things you see and desire.

It’s one act or response at a time.


Living is becoming.

Life does not stay stagnant,

We move forward in one direction or the other.

We get to choose by our sowing

Which way we want to grow.


© 2013 Julie Clark


As parents what good things to do we want to see grow in our children?  We have the added responsibility of modeling what we would like to see.  We don’t just say do this, don’t do that, but we show over and over again to our children what we want them to become by the way we live, by the words we speak.  It is an awesome, scary responsibility but something we can learn to do well.  We can reinforce kindness by pointing it out and praising it when we see it in action. “That was so kind of you to share your cookie with your sister!”  or “Wasn’t that kind of Carrie when she helped the little boy who fell down?” We can model healthy conflict resolution and forgiveness when we work out our problems instead of sweeping them under the rug.  “Daddy hurt my feelings when he said that, but he asked me to forgive him and I did.” Or “Please forgive me for being impatient with you tonight. “


What are some examples of sowing and reaping or modeling in parenting you would like to share with us?