Every Stage of a Child’s Life is a Gift

Every stage of a child’s life is a gift. There is something new to discover about my child and myself.  There is an opportunity to grow as a person along with my child. I can grow in love, patience, kindness, wisdom, or where ever I need to grow. Even the teenage years are a gift!  There are so many negative voices out there regarding raising children, especially about teenagers. Beware the rolling of the eyes and the horror stories that get passed along! There were definitely times when I was challenged and confused, desperate for answers, but I learned to love the challenges my teenagers brought to me, helping me to grow and think deeper about things I had taken for granted. I loved the joy and laughter they brought.  I learned to slow down and ask them questions. I learned to not just be upset by their behavior, but to find out what really was bothering them. I learned to be the first one to say sorry, when I had lost my temper out of frustration. This helped break the cycle and start the communication going again. We can find faith and find God in every stage. We can walk with him on this parenting journey.  Before you are ready to pull out your hair or worse go to God and ask for help.  His promise to us is to give us wisdom in our times of need when we ask.  Each child is unique.  So there won’t be a book or a person that can tell you just how to raise your child.  You can of course learn from books and other people, but read and listen prayerfully with discernment regarding your child.  Listen to your own heart because no one knows and loves your child like you do.


How is the stage your child is in now a gift to you?


Do you have a story to share how you discovered a new gift in your child that you had not noticed before?


Anyone have a story of wisdom coming at just the right time?